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Comprehensive Insurance Services by AIG Malaysia

More than 60 year Latest since 1953, AIG appears to have been serving the Malaysian community through innovative solutions that happen to be constantly tailored for the needs of an individual and companies. AIG Malaysia is presently operating in 15 offices nationwide, maintained by a sizeable network of agents, brokers, and schemes. It gives them the capabilities to supply quality services that meet clients’ expectations, especially with their home insurance.

home insurance

For personal & business needs

AIG holds on to the belief that insurance and financial protection is crucial when controlling the uncertain future. Hence, they’ve made a lot of risk management plan fitting both private individuals’ and businesses needs.

Getting a vehicle or even house could very well be worrying without comprehensive insurance cover to cover them in the instance of accidents. Even the national legislation made insurance purchase necessary for all of the private and commercial properties owned. To ensure that the customers can get the most out of their purchased plan, AIG offers a fast and quality plan to all sorts of clients in the instance of demands.

The growing in the needs of medical insurance

Ultimately, personal well being remains the most important thing for each and every individuals. AIG Malaysia has made a great effort to communicate this importance, which is pleasant to finally look at the positive result from their effort being the annual statistics of medical insurance purchase grow annually.

Travel with less hustle

An international investment and lowest transportation cost have made regular travel for business and leisure less pricey. Thus, the need for travel insurance has also increased, which contributed to the offering by AIG in satisfying their customer’s needs to get a comprehensive protection plan.

Insured the liabilities

For corporate clients, a high-level risk management solutions are available. From property insurance to liability insurance, marine insurance, aerospace insurance, possibly even engineering related insurance; companies are free to subscribe to a flexible yet thorough plan that serves their risk management needs.

Learn more & get quoted

With all the several kinds of policy available, AIG is preparing to provide quality service to customers from different industries, including companies from the hospitality & leisure, import & export, energy, retail, communications, not to mention media & technology sector. What’s more, as they simply start to see the rise of SMEs within the local market, AIG crafted a one of a kind package which could protect these growing enterprises from all of the different kinds of risks whenever they expand.

Through AIG Malaysia’s website, individuals and corporations can obtain information on the services offered in addition to get yourself a quote upon supplying related information. Depending on their wants, customers are also able to get a meeting with nearby agents plus much more for far more information regarding AIG’s product or service.

AIG Malaysia

AIG Malaysia’s latest marketing strategy is rather intriguing, as they simply begin to partner with one of the few major e-commerce players in the region, Lazada Malaysia, to permit online insurance purchase within their partner’s platform.

Doing this will ultimately give maximum convenience to subscribers as they possibly can just buy insurance, make a quick registration, and also have the plan activated within 3 days. Learn more at https://www.aig.my/personal/home-insurance/standard-home-insurance